A devilish bargain, fated soulmates, and a cinnamon roll hero (with a big sword and a touch of broody angst) who falls fast for his courageous heroine.

They’re playing a game… but the stakes are everything.

Samiel spent years holding on to the hope that one day he could build a good life as a swordsmith. When that dream is brutally crushed, he begs the devil to take his cruel master down to the Abyss, and finally set him free. But the devil doesn’t come. Instead, he sends Fiadh… a woman who calls to Samiel’s heart and soul, but who he knows he can never, ever trust.

Fiadh lost everything a long time ago. Now she survives as best she can and tries to prevent anyone else from making the same mistakes. When she meets Samiel—with his deep core of goodness and his heated touch—she immediately recognizes that he could have been everything to her. But life has taught Fiadh the futility of wishing. She will never be free, but maybe, if she plays her cards exactly right, she can save Samiel.

CW’s include: adult language, detailed sex scenes and supernatural danger.

When it comes to true love, rules are meant to be broken

Once Upon A Forbidden Desire features 20 enticing fairy tale retellings by a diverse selection of fantasy romance authors. From sweet true love’s kisses to sizzling passion, from the streets of Seattle to enchanted forests, and from poor scullery maids to a winged Prince Charming.

This limited edition anthology celebrates the variety of the fantasy romance genre. It contains stories ranging from sweet to steamy and is recommended for an adult audience.