Swords, court intrigue, inner beasts, found family, courageous heroines, and a band of brothers who would die for each other and the women they love.

He has to leave. He can’t take her with him. And he needs to go now.

Kaden has always kept his true feelings for Ava hidden—he couldn’t give her hope when he knew there was none. He must walk away even if it breaks her heart and destroys him and his beast.

Ava can’t let losing Kaden stop her; she has patients to care for and a secret of her own hiding in the icy northern mountains. But there’s danger on those lonely slopes—danger that could cost them far more than broken hearts.

Will Kaden walk away like he’s always planned? Or will he risk everything for a happily ever after with Ava—and trust her to save him back when the time comes?

CW’s include: adult language, detailed sex scenes, and threat. Kaden is a fully resolved, 100 page novella with a guaranteed HEA.

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His redemption might be her downfall…

Tristan has nothing left to lose. His best friend’s betrayal cost him everything. Now, he’s going to take it back. All he has to do to get the Hawks reinstated to their rightful position at the palace is track down the traitor’s younger sister and turn her over for execution. But Nim’s not the girl Tristan left behind years ago; she’s a stubborn, loyal, beautiful woman, and he can’t stop himself from wanting her.

Nim fled with nothing when the king’s favorite came for her. All she has left is the conviction that her brother is innocent—and her determination to free him. She’ll do anything…even if it means convincing Tristan to help her. But the man he’s become is a far cry from the boy she fell in love with so long ago. He’s formidably stern and deeply untrusting. She’ll just have to hope he still has a heart under that battle-scarred exterior.

When love and duty collide, will Tristan follow his orders or follow his heart?

CW’s: adult language, detailed sex scenes, and threat of assault.

Tristan and Nim bonus epilogue

He’ll do anything to save her. And then he’ll say goodbye…

Being framed for murder, captured, and tortured for weeks didn’t break Val. But seeing Alanna every day, knowing she didn’t love him as he loved her, surely would. So, he’ll do whatever is necessary to stop the king from executing her…then he’ll walk away. Forever.

Queen Alanna gave up everything—including her soul mate— to secure the treaty that would end the war. Now, her husband wants her dead and any chance she had for true happiness with Val is ruined.

The king’s new guards are arrayed against them, the threat of war looms large, and their enemy has the upper hand. When all is said and done, will Alanna choose to sacrifice her own happiness to save her kingdom? Or will she risk it all for a second chance at happily ever after with Val?

CW’s: adult language, detailed sex scenes, threat of assault, past abuse, and PTSD.

All he has to do is find the princess, help her claim the throne, and not fall in love with her. Easy…right?

Mathos’s task was straightforward. Find Lucilla—while evading the Lord High Chancellor’s military, of course—and deliver her safely to the Hawks. He was ready for anything…except how she made him feel. Now, the stubborn beauty with the courageous spirit has awakened a hunger in him, and it’s driving him and his beast wild.

Lucilla is done with her gilded cage. She’s ready to truly live and experience everything she’s been denied. She’s determined to have her independence, not blindly follow the grumpy former palace guard who looks at her like he wants to eat her for dinner. Even if she’s starting to think she might like to take a bite out of him, too.

Mathos, however, isn’t the only one who wants Lucilla. The most dangerous man in the kingdom will stop at nothing to have her. And if Mathos and Lucilla don’t learn to trust each other and work together soon, they’ll be in danger of losing a lot more than their shot at happily ever after.

CW’s: adult language, detailed sex scenes, and threat.

What is it about her that makes him lose his mind? Every. Damn. Time.

Tor’s world is falling apart. The king he’d sworn to guard? Dead. The family he worked so hard for? They certainly wasted no time disowning him. All he has left is the Hawks… and an intense desire to win Keely’s heart. It won’t be easy—especially not after the mistake he made—but he has to try, because the alternative, living without her, is unthinkable.

Losing someone you love leads to nothing but pain. Keely learned that the hard way. But there is something about Tor that makes her wonder if loving him is worth the risk… if only he felt the same way. Now her best option is to create a new future on her own—no matter how much she might wish her relationship with Tor could be different.

But all is not well in Brythoria. The treaty still isn’t ratified, and the mountain border is filled with enemies poised to destroy them. Can Tor and Keely find their way back to each other? Or will their second chance at happily ever after burn in the fires of impending war?

CW’s: adult language, detailed sex scenes, and threat.

She’s everything he doesn’t want.
Honorable. Beautiful. Strong… wait, what?

Reece lost everything. Twice. Now, he finally has a chance to earn back his place with the Hawks. There’s only one problem: he has to work with Daena. He doesn’t trust her. He doesn’t even like her. And if his beast would just shut up about how perfect she is, that would really help.

If there’s one kind of man Daena’s learned to stay well away from, it’s a handsome liar. But the more Reece reveals—the more she glimpses the vulnerable soul he’s hidden for so long—the closer she wants to get.

But now is not a good time to get close to anyone. Reece and Daena are undercover on a dangerous mission. They’re surrounded by enemies and one wrong move could mean catastrophe.

Can they let go of the past and find a future, standing strong together? Or will they fall, and take the kingdom down with them?

CW’s: adult language, detailed sex scenes, and threat. Main female character has scars and some difficulties with mobility due to an earlier event. This is the final book in The Hawks Series.